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“Video allows you tell the great stories of our customers, rather than our own.” – Bo Dietrick

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video Marketing is the methodical process of incorporating videos in social media marketing platforms or Youtube with the aim of promoting a particular brand. It is an extremely interesting idea as it also actively requires you to appeal to the customer’s senses, visually and emotionally. A strategically placed URL should be placed at the end of the video, something that should suit the story to get even more traffic to your website.

Recent census reports have specifically pointed out that 1/5th of all the prospective clients can click away from a video within the first 10 seconds and often at an even lesser time. So it gets both difficult and confusing to put across a thought for the clients which is not aggressive but does complete justice to the name for the brand at that short time. At Certosoft we ensure that each of the videos are short but carry a marked relevance to the aim of the business. It should also be linked to the website and capture the personality of the brand in the best possible way.

What You Can Expect From Us


We conceptualize our video marketing campaigns using the theory of sparking the target audience’s curiosity.


Enable embedding functions in all your video, to ensure that the video receives several inbound marketing links.


We understand that it is best to go with a concept which gets the audience instantly hooked to it and makes it easier to share.

Benefits Of Our Video Marketing Service

We generally conceptualize video marketing campaigns using simple theories like sparking the curiosity of the target audience.

We help you design unconventional ads, crafted with a lot of intelligence and tact.

We enable embedding functions in your video which ensures that the video receives a lot of inbound marketing links.

We also avail the sitemap for the video and add descriptions to go with it. We complete it with keywords and tags and ensure that the Google spiders find the video just fine.

Here in Certosoft Consultancy Solutions we understand the fact that your time is extremely precious. Patience is low and the budget extremely limited. It is always better to go with an idea which allows all the audience to be instantly hooked to it. It is important to derive as much SEO possible from the uploaded video.

“The play button is the most compelling call of action on the web.” – Michael Litt

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