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We simplify email campaigns and turn email addresses into paying customers

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches-at scale.” – David Newman

Is managed email marketing service right for you?

Email Marketing is a superior instrument of marketing which works for both current and potential customers. In order to increase customer loyalty, a bid to encourage repeat business and acquisition of new clients, building up a strong bond with existing clientele, email marketing is an indispensable tool of digital marketing.

At Certosoft we make sure that the email campaign for your business achieves the exact ROI and is easily tracked. We are well adept to all the latest trends and techniques in the market as we make use of special interactive features that might be required to send push messages to clients. We usually track audience behavior and design messages in a way that would appeal to them. We at Certosoft, make use of the interactive features to push messages to our clients unlike the ones where we might have to wait for all the customers to drop in. Email Marketing is a superior, efficient, time-cost saving mode of aggressive marketing.

What You Can Expect From Us

Define Campaign Objectives

We make targeted, easily measurable and shareable email marketing campaigns that help you reach us to wider audience.

Integrate With The Website

With constant contact integration on your website, we’re able to deliver contact forms to your visitors, which helps you build email lists.


Manage The Contact List

We track and highly personalized targeted messages on volume emails. Which help us collect data manage the list accordingly.

Designing The Emails

We customize the layout of your email campaign. Keeping in mind your business goals and getting an exact ROI

Segment the Emails

We track and utilize customer behavior with highly personalized targeted messages on volume emails.


Reporting The Full Metrics

We analyze your campaign as it progresses adjusting keywords and strategies to ensure that you’re remaining competitive.

Expect More From Your Email Marketing

In Certosoft we make sure we make easily measurable, granularly targeted and informative email marketing campaigns that would appeal to a wide range of audience and that too at the most competitive price in the market.

Reportedly, Email Marketing is almost 20 times more effective over traditional forms of media and also 6-12 times cheaper compared to selling to an existing customer. Emails are a sure fire way to keep your customers return by establishing new and long lasting relationships. Email Marketing can be of many form, service promotions, special event invitations, and interesting newsletters or invitation for special events. It is a main tool utilized for superior client acquisition. Email Marketing at Certosoft has been found to be an effective tool for tracking sales and increase overall user engagement.

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the Web.” – Rand Fishkin

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Our expertise lies in helping organizations navigate the digital landscape correctly & advising them on leveraging the right online strategy & components that perfectly align with their business objectives both immediate & long term. Feel free to contact us.



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